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Kas Medical Tourism provides personalized medical tour packages for medical patients flying in for medical treatment at extremely affordable rates. Our professional executives will be more than happy to help you with organizing your entire trip, to put your mind at ease. They can assist you with accommodations, specialized meals, appointments with specialists and transportation. They can also help in obtaining the paperwork required for your medical visa, scheduling phone consultations with your physician before arrival and organize your airport pick-up and drop-off. During the recovery time of your procedure and with your doctor’s okay, our executives will be happy to arrange your sightseeing trips and shopping escapades for both you and your attendant. To eliminate the scope of any language barriers, we can help arrange for language translators to make you feel at home.

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What Patients Say


ThermiVa, Painless & No Downtime – I am so Happy for my Result

Radhika Goutam

I did it during my lunch hour. The procedure was so easy, painless and no downtime. I was able to resume normal activities that same day and noticed results in less than a week. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap and ...


Amazing experience with Dr Ajaya Kashyap

Swati Gupta

I was ready for a surgical consultant for bladder incontinence when someone told me about the ThermiVA Treatment. I found that MedSpa offered this procedure and decided to go in and see what it was al...